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Corporate Overview:

Since 1987 Pax Overseas Limited has taken a leading role in the consultancy and recruitment of human resources for skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled workers from Bangladesh. Our dedicated corporate team has significant experience and expertise in providing HR solutions in public and private sectors. Within this period, we have enjoyed the reputation of recruiting capable, hard working and efficient workers through adherence to our strict selection criterion, specified by our clients.

Pax has successfully grown and adapted to new environments without losing its sense of cohesion or compromising its principles. As global demand for our services increases, we  are providing new solutions and services, entering new markets, acquiring new resources and helping new clients. This activity is predicated on our continued ability to attract and retain some of the most talented people in the world.

Highlights :

One of the most well-reputed human resource companies in the country.
Strong sourcing and agent network.
Excellent track-record.
Dedicated support team.
Prime corporate location.
Multiple interview and quality filter-structure.
Training before departure.
Dedicated client list.

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